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Imaging Patient Testimonials

My husband recently was seen at PMIC and was in a lot of pain and during his sonogram. The technologist treated him respectfully and was conscious of his dignity. My husband got in for the exam quickly, in fact, quicker than we thought he would. I am very pleased with the service and wanted to let you all know how much we appreciated the good care.

Terri C.

Dear PMIC:

I recently was a patient at your facility for Lumbar Myelography and CAT Scan. I wanted to share with you what a good experience I had. The staff was excellent!

Andrea and Gina were especially appreciated. They both were professional, friendly, informative, and explained each detail of the procedures. They both obviously hold patient education and confidentiality issues in high regard. Each member of your staff, from the smiling lady at the front desk, to each member I encountered during my recovery phase were pleasant and attentive to my needs.

I have been a Registered Nurse in the Greater KC area for the past 26 years. I too hold patient education, patient advocacy and patient confidentiality issues in high regard. What a refreshing opportunity to experience how a patient SHOULD AND CAN be treated.

I now understand WHY my neurosurgeon encouraged me to utilize Kansas City Imaging for quality diagnostic results. Fortunately, my private health insurance carrier acknowledges PMIC as a preferred network provider!

I would definitely refer any member of my family or any professional colleagues to your facility. Keep up the great work with obvious great results!

Sincerely With My Best Regards,
Gail K.

The experience excellent. The techs who were involved were outstanding and the service was above excellent. To the physicians who performed the test, he spoke to me before my test and he let me ask questions before and during the test. He explained everything I was very comfortable through the whole exam. Thank you all.

- Lisa R.

I went to PMIC for a mammogram and ultrasound last spring because I had a lump in my breast that needed to be checked out.

I had had two mammograms before this one, and I have to say I can't imagine going anywhere else but PMIC from now on. I believe the term I used to describe my experience at KCIC was that it was the "Nordstrom" of mammograms.

The staff was welcoming, gentle, sensitive, caring, and efficient yet thorough. (Imagine that!) I also have to mention that it was the least painful mammogram I have had, and the temperature inside the office was warm, which made it also unusually comfortable for a normally uncomfortable procedure. There was a locker room for me to place my things (a locker room!), and when my procedure was through, a doctor immediately looked at my results then soon came to meet with me one on one to explain what he saw and answered any questions I had. I think I interacted with about 5 staff people that day, from receptionist to doctor, all made me feel comfortable and treated me with dignity, respect and kindness.

You know, I think up until my mammogram at PMIC, I had honestly forgotten what it was like to receive decent healthcare services. It was a place where I where I did not have to wait over an hour in waiting room, where I was not treated like a number but rather a person, and where it just was not an overall soul sucking ordeal. I kept waiting for the ball to drop, but there was none. What I thought was really interesting was the feel among the staff members themselves was a relaxed and happy one. Again, imagine that...

So I left not only feeling relieved that my lump was in fact nothing to be concerned about, but I felt a renewed sense of what healthcare could (and should) actually be like. I felt feeling as though they valued my time and my business.

Honestly, I left wishing PMIC had an internal medicine and gynecological practice, too so that I could go there for all my healthcare needs! Unfortunately, no other healthcare experience I have had since equals the experience I had at KCIC to date.

Teri C.

I had my MRI at PMIC, and I had 3 previous MRI exams at Menorah. I was feeling claustrophobic and had trouble tolerating the exam. This exam was so much easier because the technologist continuously announced to me over the headset how much time each part was going to be, how much longer I had, and I always knew what to expect. KCIC helped me be grounded with profound service…Hurray.

- Barbara R.