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Joint Center Services

The Joint Center coordinates services such as those provided by orthopaedic surgeons, nurses, dietitians, rehabilitation therapists, a case manager and chaplain at one location.

The Joint Center offers patients the optimum environment to rehabilitate after total hip, knee or shoulder surgery in a most efficient and home-like manner. The Center's wellness philosophy includes a casual atmosphere, group dining, spending most of the day out of your bed and planning for discharge to home with outpatient therapy. Our goals are to maximize the total joint care experience, enhance the rehabilitation process and prepare each patient for an active and independent lifestyle.

Read how the Joint Center staff is providing an innovative method of pain control following surgery for total joint replacement patients.

Providence has been recognized as a Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Blue Distinction Center for knee and hip replacement.

Providence also has been awarded two UnitedHealth Premium® Specialty Center three-star designations for quality and cost efficiency. Three stars is the highest level awarded. The Providence Joint Center received the UnitedHealth Premium Total Joint Replacement Specialty Center designation; and the Providence Spine Center received the UnitedHealth Premium Surgical Spine Specialty Center designation.

This is the third consecutive time the Providence Joint and Spine Centers have received this prestigious national designation. According to the UnitedHealth database, Providence is the only hospital to have applied for and received three stars in these two categories. The Providence Joint and Spine Centers originally were awarded the three-star designation in 2007. To receive this designation, Providence met extensive quality and outcomes criteria based on nationally recognized medical standards and expert advice. The criteria incorporate measurements of breadth and depth of care, staff experience, emergency care, quality and outcomes reporting.

Components of the Joint Center include:

A staff that performs pre-admission assessments, education and planning for post-hospital therapy. The entire health care team works together to ensure the best care.

24-hour nursing care and daily physician rounds.

Technology. Our excellent medical team utilizes the very latest in orthopaedic technology, including minimally invasive techniques. In addition, blood conservation techniques are available and, in the future, computer-guided surgery is on the horizon.

Exceptional rehabilitative therapy. The Rehabilitation department's goal is to help patients resume their active lives after an orthopaedic procedure. Our therapists even begin the rehabilitation process before patients enter the hospital. Immediately after surgery, therapists continue to help patients rebuild strength, endurance, flexibility and range of motion in the affected joint. Patients receive group physical/ occupational therapy. Patients tend to motivate one another, enjoy group interaction and work harder with peer encouragement. Morale is higher and goals are more easily attained in this group setting.

Education before surgery. Prehab classes inform patients and their coaches of what to expect before, during and after surgery.

Individualized and specific dietary planning. A registered dietitian provides one-on-one nutrition counseling and education as needed for each patient. The dietitian then works with the physician to help tailor a diet based on medical need and lifestyle.

Individualized and specific discharge planning. A case manager works with each patient and their family and multidisciplinary team to provide a specific plan of care in preparation of being discharged from the hospital. Providence offers options of receiving Home Health, Outpatient Therapy, or Skilled Nursing for continued rehabilitation, thus ensuring the continuum of care process. These services require a physician's referral.

Spiritual care services. A hospital chaplain will routinely visit each patient in the Joint Center. In addition, chaplains are available daily to offer comfort, prayer and support to patients during their stay.