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Family Care Classes

The Family Care Center offers a host of informative and helpful classes to meet the needs of families today. These comprehensive education and wellness programs are open to the public.

Here are a few of the classes planned with your family in mind:

Pregnancy, Birth and You — This essential class is for couples in the sixth through ninth month of pregnancy. You can learn important childbirth skills like breathing and relaxation techniques, discover birth options and get tips for postpartum and newborn care.

Refresher Pregnancy, Birth and You — A great class for those who have taken a childbirth education program before, but would like an update.

Cesarean Section Class — An informative program to prepare mothers who know in advance that they will be delivering by cesarean.

Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC) — A helpful overview for those who have previously given birth by cesarean section, but who are now planning a vaginal birth.

Breast-Feeding Facts — This informal discussion covers the art of breast-feeding, while giving parents helpful tips on topics like nursing techniques, nursing while returning to work and weaning.

Natural Family Planning — This class is designed for couples that want to learn the Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning to avoid or achieve pregnancy.

Big Kids and Babies — A must for growing families, this class discusses sibling rivalry and other joys and challenges parents may encounter when they bring home a new baby.

For more information on these programs, or for a complete list of class times and fees, please call 913-596-4389.