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Providence Women's Center

Life's most rewarding moments happen at the Providence Women's Center. Our Center is dedicated to making the time before, during and after the birth of your baby a very special experience. We'll help develop a childbirth plan based on your needs and wishes.

Rest assured our teams of physicians, anesthesiologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, nurses and clinicians are here round the clock to ensure your care and comfort. And when your baby arrives, our staff – plus board-certified neonatologists on-call from Sunflower Neonatology Associates – are available to help to care for your baby's every need.

You'll also benefit from the latest and safest practices in childbirth, all in an environment that is as comfortable as home. We also offer low intervention services for moms wanting that personalized approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect at the Providence Women's Center

Here's what you'll find:

Tests during pregnancy monitor your baby's health and spot problems early. Our center is equipped to provide all necessary prenatal testing.

Our pre-admission program lets you come directly to the Labor and Delivery Unit. You won't get delayed filling out forms while you are in labor.

Stay in one private room for labor, delivery and recovery. Our fully equipped rooms minimize having to change rooms. Each spacious room is equipped with special lighting and ceiling mirrors so moms can see their babies being born. Afterwards, your baby can stay with you as much as you like.

Your baby is monitored throughout birth. A centralized fetal monitoring system lets nurses track uterine contractions and fetal heart rate during labor and delivery.

You and your baby each have specialized nursing care. Our highly experienced staff – one of the most experienced in the region – cares for you and your baby as individuals. Your needs are different than your child's, so our nurses are assigned to your needs while our neonatal nurses care for your baby. That's not the case in some hospitals, where one nurse attends to one room. Experienced moms and dads appreciate the value of the special attention our nursing staff delivers.

Security safeguards for you and your baby. Our staff and security team continually monitor arrivals and departures. A staff member or volunteer must release the door for visitors to arrive or depart. We also put matching identification bracelets on you, your infant and the child's father or your significant other at the time of your child's birth.

Education and support gives you a head start on parenting. To help families start out on the right foot, Providence offers parents personalized education and support.

For more information on our Services for expectant moms, feel free to call us at 913-596-4389. Learn more about our NICU.