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Neurosurgery Procedures Performed at Providence Medical Center

  • Spinal microdiscectomy - with and without fusion, on all levels of the spine to correct herniated discs.
  • Lumbar microdissection - to solve compression problems.
  • Craniotomies - to remove tumors and treat hemorrhages.
  • Spine stabilization - to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and correct instability or certain deformities.
  • Deep brain stimulation – to treat Parkinson's Disease or essential tremor.

Safe and Successful Outcomes

Providence goes beyond the basics when it comes to patient safety. Here are some of the techniques the neurosurgeons use to make sure you have a safe, as well as successful experience:

  • Brainlab software – provides for safer and more accurate spinal and cranial surgeries.
  • Intraoperative fluoroscopy - provides imaging throughout procedures.
  • Nerve integrity monitoring - allows surgeons to make sure they have accomplished their goals while the patient is still in surgery.
  • State-of-the-art microscopes - puts more eyes on you in the operating room. The Zeiss system has monitors so the operating staff sees what the surgeon does. Its unparalleled resolution also affords greater precision.

For more information about Providence Medical Group Neurosurgery, call 913-955-3300.