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Brainlab Software

Providence Medical Center recently invested more than half a million dollars in the latest computer-assisted surgical and imaging technology for brain and spinal surgeries, making state-of-the-art neurosurgery available close to home.

Called Brainlab Software, this technology is similar to a car or mobile phone global positioning system.

The software is integrated with highly sophisticated imaging equipment that constantly scans the patient's body during surgery. This makes it possible to track the doctor's surgical instruments in relation to patient's body in real time. It then displays the images in 3-D on a software screen during the operation so the doctors can see every move they make, as they make it.

BrainLab provides patients with a much safer and more accurate surgery, and gives neurosurgeons the ability to make any adjustments needed based on what they see as they operate.

Other advantages to the Brainlab software include:

  • Smaller incisions and improved accuracy.
  • Supports minimally invasive approach.
  • Reduced risk of complications.
  • Quicker surgery.
  • Faster patient recovery.
  • Improved patient outcomes.

For more information about Brainlab Software or Providence Medical Group Neurosurgery, call 913-955-3300.