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The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a special nursery where we care for newborns who are born early (prematurely) or experience complications shortly after birth. Having a baby in the NICU can be scary, but when you come Providence Women’s Center, you are placing your baby in expert hands.


Physicians who specialize in meeting the unique needs of sick newborns, called neonatologists, and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP) guide every step of your baby’s care. Our team of neonatologists and NNP’s offers a depth of expertise and family centered care that is not widely offered at other facilities.

Immediate Services

Our NNP’s provide 24/7 onsite coverage and daily rounding from our neonatologist to ensure the highest quality of care is provided to your newborn. If a medical concern is identified during pregnancy, our neonatologist can be available at your bedside during delivery to begin treatment as soon as your baby arrives.

Baby-Centered Care

Our approach helps your little one receive care in an environment designed to meet the unique needs of our most fragile patients. Using special technology, we monitor your baby’s breathing, nutrition and body temperature at all times. We keep the NICU dark and quiet when necessary to help your baby relax and promote healing.

A Focus on Family

With the exception of nursing shift changes (6:00 AM to 7:30 AM and 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM), you and your partner are welcome to visit your baby any time. Our team helps you get to know your baby through bonding activities such as skin-to-skin contact and breast-feeding whenever possible.


We care as much about your family’s peace of mind as we do your baby’s well-being. Our neonatologists and NNP’s sit with you to discuss your baby’s care, taking as much time as you need to answer questions and help you make important care decisions.

Get to know the Team

Providence Women’s Center is proud to partner with Sunflower Neonatology Associates. Dr. Samuel Burns of Sunflower Neonatology is the Medical Director of Women’s and Children and Melissa Hogue, is the lead NNP for Providence Medical Center. Learn more about Sunflower Neonatology Associates.

The Special Care Nursery is located next to the Newborn Nursery in the maternity unit. For more information, call 913-596-4365.